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Dr. Christian Casey

"Doctor, doctor. Give me the news."

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Name:Dr. Christian Casey
Birthdate:Nov 13
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:# dream like new york



Christian Harper Casey is one of two children born to wealthy parents, William and Gwendoline Casey. He was the eldest and his sister, Maddison, followed a year later when their mom believed the misconception that she couldn't get pregnant when she was breastfeeding. Because there wasn't much difference between their age, Christian was close to his sister and the family grew up in the nice town of Princeton, New Jersey. The family traditionally had a lot of medical professionals, with doctors, nurses, and midwives all over the place. Christian's parents were no different, his father a specialist physician in Sports Medicine with his clients being some of the top USA sports stars and their mother, a psychiatrist with some high profile clients on her books, making the couple well-known. Christian seemed likely to be the black sheep of the family, though, when he announced one day after performing every song for the family from ABBA GOLD when he was 10 that he wanted to be an actor. It was only once he finished high school and got bored of drama that he decided he wanted to go to Med School, and like his grandfather, scored a place a Yale.

Christian was a good student, but he did like to party like an typical college kid. He came out first to his sister during his freshmen year at college when he dated a girl but it always just seemed a hassle to him. The sex was average, at best. He was hit on by a guy at a college party and he knew them what way he definitely swung and he embraced the new lifestyle wholeheartedly. The only real blip in the system of Christian's life was when he had a car accident in his final year of Med School that set his studies back about six months while he recovered. He hadn't slept in three days trying to cram after he chose to party hard at some gay bars instead of studying, and he paid the price. It gave him a fright and he learned from his mistakes, but even to this day, he still loves a good night out on the town letting his hair down and grinding with a hot guy on the dancefloor.
Christian decided to become an Intensivist, specialising in Intensive Care Medicine. Turns out, he did still like a bit of drama. He found he liked the more complex cases with Intensive Care and even though it was a more precise specialty with a tougher survival rate of patients, he still seemed to excel in those particular case studies in college. He did his internship with Princeton Hospital, but applied for a residency that came up with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. It was a long shot that he would get it, because he had heard there were many applicants, but somehow he managed to scrape through and was offered the position. It was hard moving away from his home town, but he was ready by them to sink his teeth into the residency, and he loved it from day one.

He has a lot of friends at the hospital and more than found his feet in the Big Apple. Relationships took a back seat while he finished his residency and was promoted to a fellowship in the ICU once his residency drew to an end. He became really close friends with Nathan Mitchell and Dave Tyler from the get-go, and Nathan's ordeal has opened his eyes up to the fact he would really like to find someone special and settle down a little sooner rather than later.

He lives in a modest-sized bachelor pad apartment in SoHo alone, and owns a car in case he needs to go for a drive out of the city when it starts to feel too stifling. He used to think he wanted to wait and that relationships were just too much hassle, but being a prominent member of the gay social scene in New York since he got here and never managing to find anything more than good friends or hot sex, he's starting to wonder what the secret is to getting this whole damn thing right and online dating seemed like a good idea at the time...



Christian can no doubt be a bitch when he wants to be. He's generally a nice guy but has a wicked sense of humour and can channel the stereotypical 'sassy gay bitch' when the mood strikes him. His work is about the only thing he has a strong attention span for. Everything else he has a tendency to get bored with, and it was probably a miracle he wasn't the one he ended up cheating in his relationships. He doesn't believe in infidelity, though, and would prefer to just end it and cut losses rather than betraying someone you're supposed to care about.

He's very professional with his job and has a kind and compassionate bedside manner. It's just when he hangs up his stethoscope and needs some stress relief that his bitchy and sassy streak can come out. Like a lot of gay guys, he loves fashion and nice clothes, loves watching cheesy reality TV and reading Vogue in the bathroom. He keeps fit with regular trips to the gym or running in Central Park, but also indulges in Yoga to unwind after hectic weeks on his feet. He can be a little judgemental and opinionated, but mostly he likes intelligent conversation, a good joke and comedy is definitely a favourite. He's a protective big brother and won't take any shit when it comes to his sister who has been through a lot, and even though she's big enough to look after herself, he'll always check she's eating enough and getting plenty of rest so she's happy and healthy.
Christian has had a lot of lovers and short-term relationships, but only ever had one relationship that stuck. The guy, Mitch, was an IT Engineer and was developing his own software at the time they met. Mitch turned out to be a workaholic and a cheating bastard, though, fucking around on Christian every time he went overseas to pitch his product. Once it took off, things started to go awry, and Christian discovered he was cheating. He keyed the asshole's car and told him he would Tweet rumours that he had a small cock if he ever came near him. The relationship ended badly, and they've never spoken since.

Burned, Christian was reluctant to start anything serious again and got involved in a lot of casual sex and partying hard on his nights off. It was lonely, though, and he soon decided to try out online matchmaking. He is currently having an online "thing" with a guy he met, his own screen name 'givemethenews'. It's been intriguing and the cyber sex extremely hot. Now he has been wondering if he should meet the guy in person, but is worried how that might turn out, knowing the internet dating horror stories. He's holding off, but gets more curious every conversation. Whether he takes the plunge and risks getting burned again is a whole other story.

This muse is an original character for musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
For RP purposes only. No infringement intended.
PB is Chris Lowell.

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